Hailey Steele



"Wandering Heart" available now!

Elementary & High School Performances

  • a 45-70 minute assembly age-appropriately tailored to the audience including original songs including "Fight Like A Girl" (Kalie Shorr) as well as positive songs and stories

  • focuses on following your dreams, staying positive, working hard, being persistent,  overcoming difficult circumstances and anti-bullying

  • will feature stories about NBC's The Voice, Tonight Show, touring with major artists and songwriting stories, playing the Grand Ole Opry, being on tour, etc.

  • will play original songs that have been featured on CMT, Sirius XM's The Highway, as well as songs that have been recorded by other known country artists

  • can include a faculty permitted/organized q&a, yodeling contest AND 1-2 private singing OR songwriting lessons with interested students selected by faculty, as well as a group photograph

"Hailey not only entertained our students, she installed hope that hard work and persistence can allow any dream to become a reality. Her message of acceptance spoke to our students and reminded them the power of kindness." - Dr. Summer M. Schultz, Superintendent of Schools, Dell Rapids School District



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