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Beauty Blog?

Doing hair and makeup has always been a passion of mine. I've always been deeply interested in trying new products, looks, methods and colors. A couple weeks ago, I got what I call "Grade 2" ready (Grade 1 is my highest form of glam - reserved for award shows, weddings, very special occasions, etc.) to go to a show. One of my friends started asking me about everything I use and how I do each specific part of my face. She told me I should start a beauty blog, and it sounded like fun!

Over years of performing, I've gotten decent at doing my hair. I like doing it, but it seems like more of a chore than doing my makeup. Makeup is basically like painting my face, and it serves as yet another creative outlet for my mind. It's fun and calming - especially before a show, and I love doing it for other people, too. I'm by no means a pro, but I've had my makeup done by a lot of different artists for a lot of different mediums - stage, photography, reality tv, high def - so I've picked up a lot of cool tricks along the way.

The looks I'm posting below are all from my holiday tour with Stephen Kellogg and company. I even taught those boys a thing or two about dry shampoo. Enjoy!




Look 1 - Sleek and Awake

This was right in the middle of a 10 day run. I was feeling pretty exhausted and puffy on this night, so I wore my hair straight and focused on highlighting and contouring my face. I used my concealer, MAC Studio Finish NW20, around my eyes, cheek bones, nose, chin and above my brows for highlights. I also used a contour paste I created myself (bronzer + Vaseline) on my nose and cheek hollows. I used really big Ardell eyelashes and a matte crease color to make my eyes pop. I used a Sephora white-gold shimmer to give my tired skin a little glow, and some yummy Vanilla Bean Noel lipgloss from Bath and Body Works. It tastes awesome and gives a little shine. Lipgloss is the final touch for a sleepy face!




Look 2 - Pinks and Coppers

There was limited space for hair curling on this particular night, so I teased the roots up a little, threw in some Big Sexy Powder Play, and did a makeshift fishtail braid. As for my face, I wanted to do something fun and bright. I used two pinkish-copper colors from MAC (I get them wet to make them super bold) and my white-gold shimmer from Sephora as a browbone color. When I'm doing a smoky eye (almost always) I use a black Eyeko eyeliner pen and do a big wing. I connect my dark crease color all the way to the wing.  I used the darker color with an eyeliner brush under my eyes for an extra dimension to the big wing, with white eyeliner on the lower rim. The combo of the pinks and the white eyeliner really contrasts my eyecolor, so this is a great combo for blue or green peepers. 

My favorite lip colors are muted pinks and nudes. For this look I used MAC lip liner in Subculture and BITE Creme Lipstick in Retsina. It's matte and creamy at the same time and tastes awesome. PS - that's a real freckle on my cheek but sometimes I go over it with my eyebrow pencil. ;)




Look 3 - Lashes Lips and Lights

This makeup look was inspired by Ellie Goulding. We have slightly similar coloring and I love the way she does her makeup - not a lot of heavy eyeliner or dark shadows, but big eyelashes and nudey-pink lined lips. This method really makes your eyes look open and brings out the color. First I focused on getting my skin to be as uniform as possible, with only a little contour on the nose and cheeks. I did a light pink marbled MAC bronze blush on my cheeks and eyes. (You'll notice that I never use blush alone because I don't like to look too rosy.) I used the biggest eyelashes I had with only a bronze shadow line underneath. I lined my lips with Subculture and used a MAC Satin nude lip color.




Look 4 - Brows, Bronze and Blue


This is my go-to look. This might sound silly, but I feel my "hottest" when I'm bronzed, browed, and golden-eyed to bring out the blue. I had a lot of time this night and some really good lighting, so I did a lot of contour and a lot of bronzing. I use a Smashbox matte bronze as well as one of the best kept secrets ever - $6 Bonne Belle Shimmer bronzer. I also used my contour paste for my nose, cheeks and chin. The sparkly gold shadow is Sephora brand. I did a white line on my bottom rim, and a copper line under that. I lined my lips with a Sephora nude liner and put on my VBN gloss.

This hair night was super easy - I sprayed it with Big Sexy Dry Shampoo, put some bends in it with a straightener, and sprayed with my favorite Biolage flexible hold hairspray.



Look 5 - MonoBeachy

This look was actually more about the hair. I stuck with a monochromatic face palette - matte browns, golds, bronzer and a light lipgloss. For my skin I use Smashbox CC Creme in Fair/Light. My eyebrow pencil is Sephora brand retractable pencil in Nutmeg. It is really thin but it allows you to be very precise. 

My hair was really dirty, so I brushed it out and used the Big Sexy Dry Shampoo (it's my new miracle product). I wrapped really thin pieces around a 1 inch wand, and finished with Big Sexy Spray Clay. That stuff is like gold! (This is the closest I've felt to achieving Victoria's Secret hair!)




Look 6 - Lazy Wings

Whenever I feel puffy and want my face to look more angular, I go for straight hair with a slightly off center part, and a lot of bronzer. When my hair is straight I struggle with volume, so I used my aforementioned 3 miracle products, and I even taught Shady (left) how to use my dry shampoo. Check out his awesome gymnast hair!


I went for a super dark MAC Matte shadow again to make my eyes pop. One color is a buck shade, and the crease color is almost burgundy. Another little trick for tired nights is Visine tears - it gets the red out and makes you appear rested. I did a huge wing and huge fake lashes.



Look 7 - Holster Night

This is a really fun look because I'm literally wearing a gun holster. I usually pair it with fun boots and a denim shirt, so I don't want to go super wild with my makeup. I did volume and an easy wave with my 1 inch wand, and did my go-to bronze and gold combination. I went extra shimmery with highlighter on the inner eye corners and the bridge of my nose. I also did the white eyeliner and the same Sephora gold color underneath. Whenever I want my makeup to look neat and organized, I make sure to do a bold brow and I keep it in place with ELF clear brow gel. I always finish off a stage look with a bit of Makeup Forever HD Powder and a little more concealer around my nose if I'm feeling warm or looking rosy. The HD Powder mattifies your face slightly and makes your skin feel like velvet. This stuff will keep everything in place for hours...and it's great for guys on camera too!

Lucky 14

Happy New Year!

I'm so excited that 2014 is here. Not that 2013 wasn't a great year - I got to play a bunch of awesome shows and I wrote a lot of songs that I love- but 14 is my lucky number. Ever since I was little, 14's would show up everywhere, and it was always when good things were happening to me. I remember being on the road with my dad and Chief Dennis Alley going to see Willie and Waylon play in Hinckley, MN, and our room number on that overnight drive was 14. This has happened to me hundreds of times throughout my musical journey - they just show up everywhere. Some people don't believe in that stuff, but I have more than enough proof to believe that this number, for me, is a sign of good things to come. So here's to hoping that everybody has a great year, and that it's a lucky one! PS - There's still time to pledge for my new EP through Kickstarter - it runs until....JANUARY 14th!! Click here to visit. Thanks again, friends, and Lucky 2014!! #yearofthebean



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