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Delectable Magical Miracle Face Goo

Delectable Magical Miracle Face Goo


There are few things I love more than DIY beauty products, especially ones that are effective. I know that most of us women would go to all ends of the earth to find the perfect face products, and I'm always testing cremes and masks and scrubs in various price ranges. WELL, this year for Christmas, I received a jar of delectable magical miracle homemade face goo from my friend Jenn, and it's so great that I have to tell everyone about it.

 It's called the "Not from LONDON FOG Facial," and is made from all natural ingredients, including doTerra essential oils. I put it on in the shower pretty much every day (after face wash), wait til it heats up a little bit, and then wash it off. Since it's all natural and doTerra oils are safe to ingest, it's okay if a little gets in your mouth...and it tastes yummy. HA! This concoction is great because it exfoliates, de-puffs and minimizes pores. I started noticing immediately that it made my skin glow, and now I'm actually comfortable leaving the house without foundation. Jenn said you can also use it on your body (caffeine will reduce the appearance of cellulite) but this stuff is so good that I want to save it all for my face. This stuff is awesome, all natural, and inexpensive. The best part is that you can make it at home - here's the recipe:

"Not from LONDON FOG facial"

1/4 cup raw honey

3T baking soda

1T coffee grinds

3 drops lemongrass doTerra essential oil

3 drops ginger doTerra essential oil

-If you're not familiar with doTerra oil, it's a great thing to check out. Jenn has made me a total believer. You can buy the oils from doTerra for retail price, or contact Jenn at www.theoilcancino.com to find out how you can get a 55% discount. 

Enjoy your delectable magical miracle face goo! 


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