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"Wandering Heart" available now!

We're goin' in...

Well, after all this talk and years of preparation, we are finally doing this. Okay, that sounded dramatic, but seriously. I've been in pre-production meetings with my producer, Relli, this week. We have it narrowed down to 8 songs for the EP and have been hammering out visionary details- what we want this record to do, how we want it to sound, how we don't want it to sound, etc. 

Relli and I have been talking about making an EP together for years, and I couldn't be more excited. That being said, I don't wanna give too much away until it's ready for you to hear. We're gonna take our time, do it right, and make sure it lines up with the vision we share for my songs. We're going in this weekend, and we're not coming out until it's ripe and ready to fall right off the tree. Thanks for your support. Cheers!!





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