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"Wandering Heart" available now!

It's a Kickstarter Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner!! I have spent the last couple of weeks in Nashville writing with some awesome people, recording some new stuff, and crashing all kinds of Christmas parties. :)

As most of you have probably seen by now, I have launched a Kickstarter project to fund my first 5-song EP. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a platform that funds independently created works, such as records, books, and visual art collections. It's a great way for supporters to get involved on the front end, and they usually receive a special edition of the completed product that they are funding, along with other rewards based on the amount of his or her pledge. You can see a more detailed description here.

My Kickstarter will run until January 14. Right now it's just under 10% funded, so I need all the love I can get to make this work. I've already gotten some help from Twitter and Facebook friends, but every email, share or retweet will make a difference...and no dollar will go unappreciated.  I'm so excited that if we meet our goal, I will finally be able to put out some music and hit the road. You can go HERE to view the project, incentives, and become a backer!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Signing off from my leopard-print snuggie in 3 degree South Dakota weather,


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