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South Dakota Love

When I was a little girl, my parents would take me to country concerts at the fairgrounds. We would always stay until everybody else left in case there was any chance of snagging a picture with or talking to one of my country idols. No matter the outcome, I remember always feeling a sadness when they started packing up...I hated the feeling of knowing that, even if just for that night, the fun was over and the crew was on to their next city. 

That's kinda how I feel every time I play a show in South Dakota.  I always have such a great time and I don't ever want it to end! 

The weekend started with me singing the national anthem before the Sioux Falls Skyforce game in the new Sanford Pentagon. The whole new area out there is beautiful!


On Sunday, I opened for Josh Thompson at The District, a new venue close to the Empire Mall. A lot of family and friends showed up, and I also met some new faces. 

Yesterday, I spoke to my friends Mike and Mark on their radio show, "Calling All Sports." You can hear the interview at www.callingallsportssd.com. 

To me, there's nothing quite as comforting as the familiarity of being back in South Dakota. Maybe it has to do with my cute little hometown or my dad's homemade goose jerky. Either way, the amount of support I have received from my fellow Dakotans over the years has been amazing. I'm off to brave the cold in Chicago now, but I can't wait to be home for Christmas!





In the new Sanford Pentagon



Family pic at The District 



My Grandma's not-so-secret ingredient for awesome bologna sandwiches!

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