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my first blog!!


I am so excited to finally have a functioning website. My awesome web designer and I have been working for weeks to put together something clean and good-lookin' for ya, and here's what we (mostly she) came up with. 

I'm a little rusty at my blogging skills, but it shouldn't be too hard to type words and talk about my life! Right now I am in South Dakota for a little pre-Thanksgiving family hang time, and I am opening for Josh Thompson on Sunday at The District in Sioux Falls. I'm looking forward to playing in the new venue!

While I'm home, I'm also doing a few other things, including singing the national anthem at the Sioux Fallls Sky Force game tomorrow night.

I also had time yesterday to stop in to see one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Ziebarth, and her choir at Dell Rapids High School. It was so much fun to sing for them and let them try to grill me with funny questions.  They were very curious about what it was like to be on The Voice and how it was working with Christina Aguilera. After I sang "Crazy" a capella per Mrs. Z's request, one of the students knew that it it was Patsy Cline. How impressive! 

I also brought my "guitar player" along for this trip. Since he has never spent time in South Dakota, I thought that he would really enjoy touring the town of Madison and playing in the snow. After we rehearse today, I may even take him to get a six pack and a pound. Holler if you're with me. 

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Singing "Lazy River" for the Dell Rapids High School Choir.

Singing "Lazy River" for the Dell Rapids High School Choir.

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